A tram line running between Nuremberg, Erlangen and Herzogenaurach

The Stadt-Umland-Bahn (StUB) will enable commuters to travel from Plärrer via Nuremberg to Erlangen and onto Herzogenaurach without changing trains! The StUB is a planned extension of the Nuremberg tram network connecting Nuremberg, Erlangen and Herzogenaurach, totaling 31 stops and spanning approximately 26 kilometers.

Further information from the Zweckverband regarding the 19 stops within the district of Erlangen is available here. 

Three planned „Park + Ride“ stops (A3 via the Aurach Service Station, Wetterkreuz/Reutles and near the Klinikum am Europakanal), are planned. The idea behind such being that commuters may deposit their automobiles outside of the major transit hubs and complete their journey into the city center via public transport, thus reducing traffic congestion and transit times. An extension of the StUB eastbound, towards Gräfenbergbahn to Eckental, is in planning and a further extension towards Dechsendorf and the western district is under consideration.

Mobility of the future

The StUB will be an economical and highly accessible extension of Nürnberg’s Tram line 4.
Particularly during peak hours, it will present as a fast and reliable mode of transport, circumnavigating traffic jams.

Efficiency is the most important criterion:

  • Optimal distribution of tram stops to ensure reliable access to all travel destinations
  • Emphasis on reducing travel times through minimising changeovers
  • Beyond the StUB, an optimisation of the entire transport network is planned: bus routes and schedules will be optimised to complement the new tram line.

Fast electromobility using green electricity

The StUB will transport you to your destination quickly and in comfort:

  • Unlike buses and cars, the StUB runs on tram tracks.
  • This ensures efficiency as the tram maintains right of way in general traffic.
  • The StUB is scheduled to run every 10 minutes during general operating times and more often during peak hours.
  • With 70 seats and 140 standing places, one tram can accommodate the same number of passengers as three buses.
  • Stepless boarding ensures maximum accessibility for those embarking or disembarking with prams, shopping trollies, wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Set to run on 100% green electricity, the StUB will operate sustainably and emission-free.
  • Modern trams offer quiet transportation with regional transportation speeds of up to 70 kmph.

For all ages in and outside of town

The StUB is a reliable means of transportation for all age groups:

  • Safe and secure transport ensures independent mobility for children, adolescents and young adults in urban and rural areas.
  • Regular operating hours and frequent scheduling offer senior citizens reliable and convenient mobility.
  • Bicycles, prams, wheelchairs and walkers can be transported on board.

Our economy relies on the StUB

Our economy relies on reliable transport infrastructure:

  • The Siemens Campus and Friedrich-Alexander-University as well as associated housing and amenities are to be located directly on the proposed tram line.
  • Thus, the StUB will efficiently transport students, members of the workforce and customers into the city center.
  • The StUB will bring cities closer together and open up new opportunities for both, companies and individuals, positioning the region as a modern and progressive Metropol.
  • The planned extension eastwards to the Gräfenbergbahn to Eckental will provide further opportunities to expand business, study and entertainment in the region!

Planned and ready for construction

  • Over 100 route variants were assessed throughout the initial planning phase to determine the best possible route.
  • The valuable input provided by members of the local community was considered throughout the process.
  • A plethora of plans, appraisals and preliminary surveys are available here and provide an insight into the planning process.
  • In 2020, the government of Middle Franconia issued a 90-page regional planning assessment investigating the impact of the project in accordance with standard criteria.
  • Such criteria included the impact of the project on the land, ecosystems, water, traffic, emissions, urban development and the economy.

TL;DR: the project has been assessed as having a significant net positive benefit for the community and region as a whole by both government officials and independent appraisers.

From Nuremberg to Erlangen as of 2031

The „Am Wegfeld” tram stop, as a part of the planned extension of the tram line towards Erlangen, was completed in 2016.
The final plans for the aforementioned extension are underway.
Simultaneously, the „eastern branch“ through the Schwabach Valley via Neunkirchen am Brand to Eckental to the Gräfenbergbahn is in planning.

The application for the construction permit is to be submitted in 2025, with construction commencing in 2028 at the „Am Wegfeld” tram stop in Nuremberg.

2031 is to mark the completion of the tramline between Nuremberg and Erlangen.

A detailed breakdown of the timeline to date can be found here.

Secure funding with up to 90% federal and state support

The StUB is a requisite investment in the future of the region, ensuring secure and sustainable mobility in Erlangen.
Secured federal and state governmental support amounts up to 90% of the estimated total cost.

This significantly reduces the individual contribution of the involved cities/regions.

A detailed breakdown of the involved costs can be found here.

What will travel with the Stadt-Umland-Bahn cost me additionally?

  • Nothing! Passengers holding a ticket valid within the VGN network may utilise the StUB without incurring any additional fees.
  • Valid tickets include single trip tickets, the Verbundpass, SchülerAbo, SemesterTicket or Deutschland-Ticket.
  • Holders of the ErlangenPass may travel with reduced fare rates.

The Route

In February 2024, the preferred route via Wöhrmühl bridge was chosen
The preferred route via Wöhrmühl bridge (crossing the Regnitz)

From Erlangen main station, the StUB would continue directly on to Alterlangen via the Regnitz crossing and further on to Herzogenaurach via the Adenauerring and Büchenbach.

  • Transit from Alterlangen and Büchenbach to Erlangen’s city center will be direct and via the shortest possible route.
  • Trams will run every 10 minutes throughout the day and more often during peak hours.
  • Easy access to the Bezirksklinikum and Schulzentrum West
  • Planning time is to be reduced by approximately three years due to planning headway.
  • Benefits for cyclists making use of routes via the Regnitzgrund
  • Reduced transit times for emergency services traveling westbound

Further questions?

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Please visit the FAQ page here.

If your query persists: please feel free to reach out via wir(at)pro-stub.de